Mortal Kombat X tournament

Hello friend!

Johnny invites you to compete with best Russian and European players for fame and money. A tournament sponsored by will be held next week.

8 famous European and Russian players will be invited to this tournament. Players will be divided into 2 groups where they play one another. Instead of classic bo3 games each set will be FT10. It means that every contender will have 3 full sets and for every victory they earn 15$.

On the last third day of the tournament, 1st and 2nd place from each group move on to playoffs.

Prize pool

1st place – 200$
2nd place – 100$
3rd place – 50$
And don’t forget that for each victory in group stages players get 15$.


Nov 30 – Group A
Dec 1 – Group B
Dec 2 – Playoffs
Tournament and stream will start at 16:00 UTC+0 each day. Please convert time to your timezone and plan accordingly.

Thanks, I hope to see you in this tournament!